Aqua Gulf Transport is the #1 shipper to Puerto Rico. We have long-standing relationships with ALL major ocean lines to Puerto Rico, and a growing global portfolio. These partnerships, combined with our leading volume, enable us to offer the most flexible schedule and highly competitive rates.

Additionally, we can offer any type of equipment to carry your cargo: 20/40/45/48/53, insulated, reefers, flat racks, flat beds, step decks, and more. Aqua Gulf’s unique advantage is that we can offer it all with unmatched ease, flexibility and efficiency.

  • Documentation

    Carmen Tiel
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 1901

    Inland Coordinator

    Tom Nelson
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2101

    Pricing Department

    Jeff Mayr
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2315

  • North America

    Mark Davey
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 3302


    Joy Skilton
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 1305


Aqua Gulf Xpress is the trucking division of Aqua Gulf. A proven service and safety record for over 40 years. Servicing our customers out of the Port of NY/NJ, Philadelphia, PA and Jacksonville, FL.
Our close proximity to these ports and the railroads that serve them allow us to provide the highest level of service to our customers. We also maintain interchanges with all major ocean carriers and railroads.

We have a combination of company drivers/equipment and owner operators. Our in house maintenance and safety programs help to ensure your cargo arrives safely at its destination. Dispatching is handled via a state of the art computerized system and all drivers are connected to our dispatch team via cellular radios.

  • Pennsauken

    Robert M. Browne
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 3335

  • Jacksonville

    Mike Boyle
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2701

  • Brokerage

    Jeff John
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2123


We carry your cargo, whether it is a full load or less than a load (LTL). For your convenience, we have a diverse offering of LTL receiving locations:

  • Chicago Terminal

    RIM Logistics / Now Express
    1750 Central Avenue
    Roselle, IL 60172


    Anna Easley
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2202
    Stephanie Allen
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2201

    Warehouse Cut-off

    Friday 12pm (Monday Rail, Thursday Sail)

  • Jacksonville Terminal

    Aqua Gulf Xpress
    9400 Busch Drive North
    Jacksonville, FL 32218


    Anna Easley (Dry)
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2202
    Stephanie Allen (Reefer)
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2201


    Monday 12 noon (Tuesday Sail)
    Thursday 12 noon (Friday Sail)

  • Jacksonville Reefer

    Aqua Gulf Xpress
    Aqua Gulf Xpress
    1830 East 21st Street
    Jacksonville, FL 32206


    Linda Brown
    (904) 404-8606


    Monday 12 noon (Tuesday Sail)
    Thursday 12 noon (Friday Sail)

  • Miami Terminal

    (Dry/Reefer) Aqua Gulf Xpress
    C/O Produce Paradise
    1717 NW 22nd Street
    Miami, FL 33142


    Giovanna Castillo (Dry)
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2206
    Stephanie Allen (Reefer)
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2201


    Wednesday 3:30pm (Friday Sail)

  • Philadelphia Terminal

    Aqua Gulf Xpress
    1400 Sherman Avenue
    Pennsauken, NJ 08110


    Giovanna Castillo (Dry)
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2206
    Stephanie Allen (Reefer)
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2201


    Wednesday 3:30pm (Friday Sail)

  • San Juan Terminal – Dry

    (Dry) Calle Rosarito, esq. Lorencita Lote 1-D
    La Ceramica Industrial Park
    Carolina, PR 00983


    Glenda Libed
    (787) 750-4005 Ext. 6202
    Noely Rios
    (787) 752-4005 Ext. 9204

  • San Juan Terminal – Reefer

    (Reefer) Aqua Gulf Xpress
    Centro de Distribución de Norte
    Edif # 1 Carr 869 Bo Palmas
    Catano, PR 00962


    Joanna Rodriguez
    (787) 782-7800 Ext. 6205

  • Southern California Terminal

    (Dry) Dependable Global Express
    19201 S. Susana Road
    Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221


    Giovanna Castillo
    (954) 360-6900 Ext. 2206

    Receiving Hours

    Monday – Friday
    8:00am – 4:00pm


We are a full service Customs Brokerage, offering U.S. Customs clearance on your international traffic.
We take advantage of U.S. Customs modernization to provide paperless electronic clearance.

  • ABI and ACH Certified.
  • Electronic Commercial Invoice (EIP) and Remote Location Filing (RLF) approved.
  • Duty Drawback

Deerfield Beach, FL (Aqua Gulf Headquarters)

Fritz Kraemer
(954) 360-6900 Ext. 1801

Aqua Gulf Green

We offer many solutions to carry your cargo with the lowest carbon footprint:

Consolidation Solutions

Consolidate to reduce total containers

Optimize cargo cube of container


Leverage SmartWay carrier partners

Utilize rail boxcar equipment and Intermodel routings to minimize truck use

Customized Logistics

Tailored supply-chain programs to reduce costs and environmental impact


Leveraging advanced technology, such as 24hr Tracking & Tracing

Empazied paperless processes, invoicing & payments


By combining all our services, the experts at Aqua Gulf can help you optimize your logistics, from initial PO to final destination. We specialize in:

  • Transportation efficiency
  • Carrier selection, price negotiation, compliance, and ongoing management
  • Shipment tracking and tracing
  • Auditing, processing, and payment of freight charges
  • Cargo claims administration
  • Management reporting for accounting and administration
  • Timely and accurate measurement
  • Proactive continuous improvement


Aqua Gulf is the leading full-service logistics company to and from Puerto Rico. As we continue to grow globally, we are dedicated to carrying your cargo with top-notch efficiency and flexibility: anything, anytime, anywhere.
We accomplish this with our broad portfolio of services that can be used separately or together to meet your needs.

No matter what services you use, Aqua Gulf provides a single point of contact, an all-inclusive rate quote, and one consolidated invoice – allowing you to run your business with ease, reliability, and efficiency.

Personalized customer service is a hallmark of Aqua Gulf. Our service team, made up of highly experienced professionals, is based in the US and Puerto Rico.

In addition, our Customer Service Portal connects you to our operations system, providing a web-based, easy-to-use view of what you have en-route or on order.


Aqua Gulf has partnered with the auto transportation industry’s premier shipper,, to bring our customers world class auto transport services.

Together with, we have over 100 years experience in the shipping industry, so let the experts handle it. Whether you need to move your vehicle across the country, across an ocean, or across the world, we’ve got you covered.

Our partnership allows us to move a large variety of car and vehicle types including:

  • Cars
  • Recreational Vehicles (RV)
  • Trucks
  • Antique Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Custom Cars
  • ATVs
  • Boats
  • Vans
  • Planes

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