We have the tools to carry your cargo

From physical assets to technological advances, Aqua Gulf has the right infrastructure to carry your cargo.

We're an asset-based business; we own our own trucks, equipment, container yards and warehouses at key ports, giving you flexibility and reliability. Our online Customer Service Portal connects you to our operations system, allowing you to track your order en-route.


The Aqua Gulf team is experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable, with a track record for global excellence.

  • 50+ years of logistics business and growing
  • Over 200 employees and growing
  • Customer Service based in both the US and Puerto Rico
  • #1 logistics provider in the Puerto Rican trade


Our broad portfolio of services, asset-based business model, and time-tested partnerships give us the industry reach to be the #1 logistics provider to Puerto Rico and is fueling our international growth.

  • From total logistics support to ocean and trucking transportation, Aqua Gulf has a solution for you
  • Partnerships with ALL major ocean lines to Puerto Rico
  • Worldwide reach through global contracts with leading ocean carriers

Old Friends

Aqua Gulf has provided transportation and logistics solutions to help drive the economy of Puerto Rico for over 40 years. Our history of financial stability and innovation has helped us gain leadership in the Puerto Rican market.

New Horizons

We now offer the same multiple sailings, excellent rate structures and advances in innovation to solve complex transportation problems in the Dominican Republic!

Partnering For You

Need to transport a car, truck, motorcycle, boat or recreational vehicle?

Aqua Gulf has the right partnerships in place to assist you. ShipMyAuto.com is our premier partner, and they’re here to help with your auto transport needs. They maintain one of the largest and most versatile auto transport fleets in the industry.

Request an Auto Quote

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    • May 23, 2016Partnering For You
    • January 29, 2013Potential I.L.A. Strike Update #4
    • Sounding the alarm on ELD complianceWhen it comes to a potential capacity crunch resulting from the implementation of the ELD mandate in December, shippers are certainly justified in turning a jaundiced eye. After all, there have been a number of ?false alarms.? Y2K, the Safety of Life at Sea container weight mandate, and the recent...
    • Outpacing Miami in trans-Atlantic gains, Everglades snags service More Maersk boxes will be filling the yards of Port Everglades. The 2M Alliance ocean carriers Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Co. (MSC) have dropped a call at Florida?s Port Miami and added Port Everglades to one of its trans-Atlantic service loops, as European container trade growth at the smaller Florida...
    • LA's Seroka: Southern California gateway strategy neededThe Port of Los Angeles believes it and neighboring Long Beach can perform best by deepening cooperation. As carrier mergers and alliance changes continue to unfold, Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka sees a gateway strategy developing in which the ports, carriers and terminal operators manage assets with the...
    • Trans-Pacific spot rates hold despite surging volume Changes in trans-Pacific spot rates are much less pronounced compared to last year. Spot rates in the eastbound Pacific this week decreased 1 percent to the East Coast and increased 1 percent to the West Coast from last week, making it three consecutive weeks that spot rates moved in a narrow...
    • Road signs point to trucking price hikes ahead for US shippersThe percentage increase in shipper spending on trucking services was greater than the increase in volumes shipped. The freight-generating parts of the US economy gained speed this summer during a typically soft period for freight demand, pushing up shipment volumes and spot truck and intermodal rates. The atypically robust start to...
    • Wheat suppliers shun Bangladesh amid port congestionWheat shippers want to avoid the port of Chittagong, which is operating beyond its capacity. Bangladesh?s bid to import wheat amid a food crisis caused by a devastating flood is getting a weak response from suppliers due to persistent and paralyzing congestion in the port of Chittagong. Government wheat imports are mainly...
    • Flexport asset push revs up fight against top 3PLsFlexport says warehouses such as this 102,000-square-foot facility in California enable it to better serve customers. Flexport?s move to become the first digital freight forwarder to physically handle freight has sparked debate on the merits and risks of a non-asset provider stepping into the same pool as DHL, Expeditors, and other competitors. The...
    • TOTE to enter Hawaii market against Matson, PashaTOTE currently operates ships sailing between the mainland United States and Puerto Rico and Alaska. Jones Act carrier TOTE plans to enter the US West Coast-Hawaii trade in a move that would heighten competition in a key US domestic market and create pressure for lower rates. TOTE, which operates in the US...
    • Falling backhaul volume drives up Asia-Europe imbalanceRotterdam is the busiest container port in Europe. The strong start to the year by Europe imports from Asia that drove up freight rates and led to chronic vessel space shortages out of European gateways fell off completely in the second quarter, data on the backhaul trade shows.Volume on Europe-Asia was...
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