We have the tools to carry your cargo

From physical assets to technological advances, Aqua Gulf has the right infrastructure to carry your cargo.

We're an asset-based business; we own our own trucks, equipment, container yards and warehouses at key ports, giving you flexibility and reliability. Our online Customer Service Portal connects you to our operations system, allowing you to track your order en-route.


The Aqua Gulf team is experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable, with a track record for global excellence.

  • 50+ years of logistics business and growing
  • Over 200 employees and growing
  • Customer Service based in both the US and Puerto Rico
  • #1 logistics provider in the Puerto Rican trade


Our broad portfolio of services, asset-based business model, and time-tested partnerships give us the industry reach to be the #1 logistics provider to Puerto Rico and is fueling our international growth.

  • From total logistics support to ocean and trucking transportation, Aqua Gulf has a solution for you
  • Partnerships with ALL major ocean lines to Puerto Rico
  • Worldwide reach through global contracts with leading ocean carriers

Old Friends

Aqua Gulf has provided transportation and logistics solutions to help drive the economy of Puerto Rico for over 40 years. Our history of financial stability and innovation has helped us gain leadership in the Puerto Rican market.

New Horizons

We now offer the same multiple sailings, excellent rate structures and advances in innovation to solve complex transportation problems in the Dominican Republic!

Partnering For You

Need to transport a car, truck, motorcycle, boat or recreational vehicle?

Aqua Gulf has the right partnerships in place to assist you. ShipMyAuto.com is our premier partner, and they’re here to help with your auto transport needs. They maintain one of the largest and most versatile auto transport fleets in the industry.

Request an Auto Quote

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    • May 23, 2016Partnering For You
    • January 29, 2013Potential I.L.A. Strike Update #4
    • Crowley introduces door-to-door parcel service to CubaCrowley was the first US carrier to serve Cuba since the US put in place a trade embargo in the 1960s. Crowley Logistics has begun a service for door-to-door shipment of approved, non-commercial gift parcels between the United States to Cuba, using the ocean service that the company has operated to...
    • Chicago drayage drivers? unpaid tolls cost shippersThe fact chassis ownership is typically decoupled from the tractor hauling it contributes to the problem. Shippers are shouldering the cost of a sudden and often unexplained increase in unpaid tolls racked up by independent drayage drivers in the Chicago area, adding an incidental expense to rising rates expected to climb...
    • Mexican truckers plead for crack down on cargo theft surge Mexico's transportation industry wants a greater government focus on cargo theft deterrence and punishment. Mexican trucking companies are urging lawmakers to stiffen penalties against cargo robberies, with a group representing motor carriers saying the escalation of crime this year has turned much of the country?s highways into ?no man?s land.? The Cámara...
    • Gulf resin exports face heavy-container surchargeShippers using ports along the US Gulf Coast will have to pay closer attention to the weight they place in containers. Ocean carrier Hapag-Lloyd plans to impose a $150 surcharge for heavily laden containers moving through US Gulf ports where exports of synthetic resins are expected to surge during the next...
    • New ways to reduce container booking no-shows emergeNo-shows and rolled cargo are two of the major inefficiences of modern container shipping. A renewed focus on flaws in the container booking process that leave vessels partly empty when promised cargo doesn?t arrive or overbooked, with containers left on the dock has triggered a slew of new efforts by shippers,...
    • Panama Canal wins back traffic lost to Suez CanalThe Panama Canal is planning tariff reductions to cement its lead over its rival across the Atlantic. The Panama Canal?s enlargement has enabled it to win back most of the all-water traffic between Asia and the US East Coast that it had lost to the rival Suez Canal route. The Central American...
    • EU outlaws tax breaks for Belgian, French portsThe port of Marseille is one of the ports that will be impacted by the European Commission's ruling. The European Commission on Wednesday ordered Belgium and France to end corporate tax exemptions for their sea and inland ports to avoid distorting competition across the waterfront. The EU?s executive, which earlier ruled that...
    • Portland asking hard questions on future in containersPortland will have a better idea of the types of container business it can attract back to the port by year-end, as well as the model port officials will follow to operate the only dedicated container terminal in Oregon. The port is also working to calm the labor aggression that...
    • Storms disrupt Mundra intermodal rail servicesMundra has been ramping up rail services ahead of new capacity coming online. Storms and floods in northwestern India are wreaking havoc with intermodal freight traffic to and from Mundra, the biggest non-government cargo terminal. The disruption at Mundra is the latest weather-related complication for Indian shippers after monsoon rains battered Jawaharlal...
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