We have the tools to carry your cargo

From physical assets to technological advances, Aqua Gulf has the right infrastructure to carry your cargo.

We're an asset-based business; we own our own trucks, equipment, container yards and warehouses at key ports, giving you flexibility and reliability. Our online Customer Service Portal connects you to our operations system, allowing you to track your order en-route.


The Aqua Gulf team is experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable, with a track record for global excellence.

  • 50+ years of logistics business and growing
  • Over 200 employees and growing
  • Customer Service based in both the US and Puerto Rico
  • #1 logistics provider in the Puerto Rican trade


Our broad portfolio of services, asset-based business model, and time-tested partnerships give us the industry reach to be the #1 logistics provider to Puerto Rico and is fueling our international growth.

  • From total logistics support to ocean and trucking transportation, Aqua Gulf has a solution for you
  • Partnerships with ALL major ocean lines to Puerto Rico
  • Worldwide reach through global contracts with leading ocean carriers

Old Friends

Aqua Gulf has provided transportation and logistics solutions to help drive the economy of Puerto Rico for over 40 years. Our history of financial stability and innovation has helped us gain leadership in the Puerto Rican market.

New Horizons

We now offer the same multiple sailings, excellent rate structures and advances in innovation to solve complex transportation problems in the Dominican Republic!

Partnering For You

Need to transport a car, truck, motorcycle, boat or recreational vehicle?

Aqua Gulf has the right partnerships in place to assist you. ShipMyAuto.com is our premier partner, and they’re here to help with your auto transport needs. They maintain one of the largest and most versatile auto transport fleets in the industry.

Request an Auto Quote

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    • January 29, 2013Potential I.L.A. Strike Update #4
    • Why carloads matter to intermodalAccording to Mark Twain, Benjamin Disraeli, the UK prime minister in the 1860s and 1870s, once said, ?There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.? Statistics are a critical tool we all use to keep track of our performance and understand basic trends. But sometimes the normal...
    • New alliance services from Asia benefit Boston The port of Boston believes its low costs and quick truck turns helped it secure a new service from Asia under the new alliances. The port of Boston gained a weekly Asian service via the alliance reshuffle, while the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic heavyweights, New York and New Jersey and Virginia, retained...
    • Trans-Pac spot rates slide into Memorial Day weekendTrans-Pacific spot rates continue to sink. Spot rates in the eastbound Pacific dropped for the fourth straight week, bringing rates from Shanghai to the East Coast 15 percent lower than the 2017 peak in late April, and down 21 percent on routing to the West Coast. The average spot rate this week...
    • Hamburg container traffic dips as rivals growThe Baltics were the fastest growing destination for containers moving through Hamburg. Hamburg?s container traffic shrank 0.7 percent in the first quarter on lower Asian shipments, widening the gap between the German port and its top rivals Rotterdam and Antwerp, which recorded growth in the quarter. Europe?s third-largest container hub handled 2.2...
    • New service promises faster transits from Myanmar to Japan and ChinaMyanamar's GDP growth is expected to accelerate this year. Japanese logistics company Hitachi Transport System has launched a new intermodal container transport service that promises to cut in half the time it takes to move goods between Myanmar and Japan and China. The use of trucks to link Yangon with Bangkok, and...
    • Cosmetic shipper expands US distribution networkWith more storefronts comes a greater need for supporting logistics infrastructure. To European Wax Center (EWC), logistics is beautiful. The company depends on a fast-moving supply chain to get its beauty products quickly to a rapidly expanding base of franchisees, delivering the ?lifestyle? experience its ultimate customers want from its services...
    • Maersk revamps India-Africa coverageThe May 13 call of the 11,000-TEU Gerd Maersk was the largest ever at APM Terminals-operated Gateway Terminals India. Maersk Line announced a new dedicated India-Africa loop and upgraded the port rotation of an existing service on the trade as India?s economy begins to turn around amid ongoing infrastructure upgrades and...
    • Trade growth helps South Korean ports overcome Hanjin exitHanjin Shipping's bankruptcy robbed the port of Busan of momentum that had helped it climb global port rankings. Foreign trade-related container throughput at ports in South Korea expanded 10.5 percent year-over-year in April on the back of the highest monthly growth in the value of exports since the summer of 2011. South...
    • Truckers expand high-end chassis availability to CharlestonBetter tires and lights are one draw of premium chassis in the North American Chassis Pool Cooperative. A trucker cooperative that provides chassis on an at-cost model is adding Charleston to the list of locations where it offers motor carriers a ?premium pool? of new, high-end chassis. The North American Chassis Pool...
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