We have the tools to carry your cargo

From physical assets to technological advances, Aqua Gulf has the right infrastructure to carry your cargo.

We're an asset-based business; we own our own trucks, equipment, container yards and warehouses at key ports, giving you flexibility and reliability. Our online Customer Service Portal connects you to our operations system, allowing you to track your order en-route.


The Aqua Gulf team is experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable, with a track record for global excellence.

  • 50+ years of logistics business and growing
  • Over 200 employees and growing
  • Customer Service based in both the US and Puerto Rico
  • #1 logistics provider in the Puerto Rican trade


Our broad portfolio of services, asset-based business model, and time-tested partnerships give us the industry reach to be the #1 logistics provider to Puerto Rico and is fueling our international growth.

  • From total logistics support to ocean and trucking transportation, Aqua Gulf has a solution for you
  • Partnerships with ALL major ocean lines to Puerto Rico
  • Worldwide reach through global contracts with leading ocean carriers

Old Friends

Aqua Gulf has provided transportation and logistics solutions to help drive the economy of Puerto Rico for over 40 years. Our history of financial stability and innovation has helped us gain leadership in the Puerto Rican market.

New Horizons

We now offer the same multiple sailings, excellent rate structures and advances in innovation to solve complex transportation problems in the Dominican Republic!

Partnering For You

Need to transport a car, truck, motorcycle, boat or recreational vehicle?

Aqua Gulf has the right partnerships in place to assist you. ShipMyAuto.com is our premier partner, and they’re here to help with your auto transport needs. They maintain one of the largest and most versatile auto transport fleets in the industry.

Request an Auto Quote

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    • US truck lobby urges broader use of TWIC card[caption]Customs officers check a TWIC card at the Port of Baltimore.[/caption]The head of the largest US trucking lobby believes costly multiple background checks and identification methods for truck drivers should be replaced with one single card. Fortunately, we already have it ? the Transportation Worker Identification Card, or TWIC. The TWIC...
    • US export gains shield Central America trade deal under Trump[caption]The decade old Central America Free Trade Agreement has not attracted the scrutiny of other deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement or Trans-Pacific Partnership.[/caption]For critics of globalization who argue that US free trade agreements are uniformly harmful to the US economy and unfairly punish American exporters, Donald Trump?s...
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    • US truck driver pay rising, in steps, as market improves[caption]Satisfied drivers may be a more common sight on US highways should pay continue to rise.[/caption]As US economic activity and freight demand begin to rise more steadily, truck driver pay is increasing, too, not in leaps and bounds perhaps, but in increments. Motor carriers were fairly quiet about pay increases for...
    • Rotterdam raises the bar for ports going green[caption]As countries from China to Chile double down on goals to reduce emissions that cause global warming and threaten public health, the port of Rotterdam, pictured, is aggressively joining the effort.[/caption]The port of Rotterdam said it will make risk-bearing financial investments in selected companies that help to reduce its carbon...
    • Growing shipper interest in plan speeding Jawaharlal Nehru imports[caption]The direct port delivery scheme has been critical in productivity efforts that have cut more than half a day from container dwell times at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.[/caption]Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust shippers are showing keener interest in direct port delivery services that greatly improve port productivity after authorities at India?s...
    • Europe port operators seek regulatory clarity in daunting market[caption] European ports such as Barcelona, pictured, and their terminal operators are seeking regulatory certainty to hedge against an increasingly uncertain global shipping market.[/caption]Europe?s private port and terminal operators have called for ?clear and stable? regulations to ensure adequate returns on their investments in an increasingly unsustainable market. ?Time has come...
    • Direct LCL services launched from US to Asia [caption]Dachser and CaroTrans see growing demand for less-than-container-load services.[/caption]Providers of consolidation and less-than-container-load services continue to add routes in and out of the United States with the direct door-to-door options providing an alternative and speedier proposition to forwarders and shippers targeting Asian markets.Dachser USA Air and Sea Logistics is the...
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