Puerto Rico

Aqua Gulf Transport is the #1 shipper to Puerto Rico. We have long-standing relationships with the major ocean lines to Puerto Rico. These partnerships, combined with our leading volume, enable us to offer the most flexible schedule and highly competitive rates. Additionally, we can offer any type of equipment to carry your cargo: 20/40/45/48/53, insulated, reefers, flat racks, flat beds, step decks, and more. Aqua Gulf’s unique advantage is that we can offer it all with unmatched ease, flexibility and efficiency.




For over 50 years, you've trusted Aqua Gulf with your cargo in the Puerto Rico Trade. We can now offer you that same level of commitment and quality on a global scale. Our US and International based sales, service, and solutions teams have the know how to get your cargo moving. We can support your business whether you are shipping one time to The Islands or thousands of containers. Trust Aqua Gulf’s know how to keep your cargo moving.

By focusing on understanding the needs of our customers, we continually grow and always endeavor to exceed their expectations.

Supported by experienced professional sales and customer service, our network includes the entire Caribbean Basin, not just Puerto Rico. We offer transport services between Asia and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean destinations.

We specialize in Inter-Island shipments, break bulk and project cargo, as well as LCL as part of our enhanced International Logistics service offering. From price negotiation to carrier selection and qualification all the way to shipment tracking and tracing, we do it all. this allows you to run your business with complete peace of mind. Let us exceed your expectations with our global network.





Aqua Gulf Xpress is the trucking division of Aqua Gulf. A proven service and safety record for over 40 years. Servicing our customers out of the Port of NY/NJ, Philadelphia, PA and Jacksonville, FL. Our close proximity to these ports and the railroads that serve them allow us to provide the highest level of service to our customers. We also maintain interchanges with all major ocean carriers and railroads. We have a combination of company drivers/equipment and owner operators. Our in house maintenance and safety programs help to ensure your cargo arrives safely at its destination. Dispatching is handled via a state of the art computerized system and all drivers are connected to our dispatch team via cellular radios.




Our brokerage team can handle cargo by truck or by rail, dry and refrigerated. Contact us today for a quote.





Aqua Gulf Xpress LCL / LTL service specializes in importing/exporting dry goods, refrigerated, and non-refrigerated foods. Our Reliable, Accessible and Fast service will help your operation be more effective and efficient. We have 5 consolidation points in the US to PR and can move your cargo from anywhere. No matter what you're moving, we offer real and timely solutions with no compromises.





Key Cargo Marine can help reduce your costs in warehousing coordination and dissemination efficiencies by overseeing it for you. We offer a wide range of services that are easily adaptable for your specific needs. When you require dedicated space as well as special handling, look to us.





By combining all our services, the experts at Aqua Gulf can help you optimize your logistics, from initial PO to final destination.

  • Carrier Selection
  • Price Negotiation and Compliance
  • Shipment Tracking and Tracing
  • Auditing and Processing of Freight Charges
  • Cargo Claims Administration
  • Management Reporting
  • Timely and Accurate Measurement
  • Proactive Continuous Improvement




Aqua Gulf is a full service Customs Broker, offering U.S. Customs Clearance on your International traffic. We take advantage of U.S. Customs modernization to provide paperless electronic clearance.

  • ABI and ACH Certified
  • Electronic Commercial Invoice (EIP)
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF) Approved
  • Duty Drawback
  • All Services In-House
  • Insurance Available




With one carrier in the NorthEast offering only one sailing, your cargo may be experiencing some delays. Take advantage of Aqua Gulf's NorthEast Express (AGNEX) service and eliminate most of your service issues, including equipment shortages, undo delays and slow transit times.

- Daily Departures to Jacksonville
- Dry and Refrigerated Cargo Compatible
- Complete End-to-End Service
- Largest Intermodal Network in the Nation
- Service With A Single Point of Contact




Greenhouse gas emissions are an unfortunate side effect of how the world moves cargo today. At Aqua Gulf, we are very mindful of the enviroment and continually invest in better technologies and equipment to lower your footprint.

- Consolidation to Reduce Containers
- Utilize Rail Boxcar When Applicable
-Intermodal Routings to Minimize Truck Use
- Tailored Supply-Chain Programs
- Reduced Costs and Lowered Eco Impact
- Paperless Invoicing and Payments

- Smart Container Consolidation
- Cargo Cube Optimization
- Investments in Solar Roofing
- Conversion to LED Lighting
- SmartWay Carrier Partners




Loading and unloading specialized or over dimensional cargo is labor intensive and requires the right tools for each job. No matter your needs, Aqua Gulf has the equipment to move your cargo safely and reliably. By truck, sail or rail, we will get it done.

- Cargo in Drums or Barrels
- Liquid Filled ISO Tanks
- Over-Dimensional Cargo
- Steel or Wooden Beams
- Paper or Steel Rolls




Aqua Gulf has partnered with the auto transportation industry’s premier shipper, ShipMyAuto.com, to bring our customers world class auto transport services.

Together with ShipMyAuto.com, we have over 100 years experience in the shipping industry, so let the experts handle it. Whether you need to move your vehicle across the country, across an ocean, or across the world, we’ve got you covered.

- Cars / Antique Cars / Custom Cars
- Trucks / Recreational Vehicles (RV)
- Motorcycles / All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
- Vans / Boats / Planes