To our valued friends & customers:

As you all know, the new Hacienda procedure and system (PICO), starts Friday, August 1st , 2014.
In order to keep you informed, we have added documentation on our website that will give you access to all instructions and requirements from Hacienda in reference to this new procedure.
In order to expedite these procedures, it is imperative that we have the most updated information about your EIN, MRC, Manufacturer and other numbers. Please send that to us as soon as possible. This will help provide Hacienda with the correct information to avoid delays at the time of releasing your cargo. We urge you to please get registered in the “PICO” program so that you are able to pay and get the clearance to pick up your shipments. We hope this information helps you to expedite the release of your cargo.

Please visit us at and click on the Get Started button to find the appropriate documents.

The Aqua Gulf Family

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