About Us

At Aqua Gulf we are dedicated to carrying your cargo with top-notch efficiency and flexibility: anything, anytime to anywhere. We strive to meet and exced your needs with our broad portfolio of services. Aqua Gulf offers trucking, ocean transportation, consolidation, customs and logistics support. Through our combination of services we can handle everything from domestic transportation to global logistics with ease.

Logistic Veterans

Carrying your cargo also means providing skilled, seasoned expertise. We pride ourselves on our transportation heritage and 50 years of increased logistics services. Our expertise is expressed through our professional team, our collection of assets, our global network of partners and customers, and our online Customer Service Portal. With our customers' loyalty, Aqua Gulf is the #1 third party logistics provider in the Puerto Rican trade.

Continuous Innovation

To serve our customers best, Aqua Gulf is continually innovating. Today's logistics landscape requires efficiency — of time, cost, and environmental impact. That is why Aqua Gulf continues to invest in technology, training our team, and maintaining our global partnerships.


  • Headquarters Deerfield Beach

    OTI / NVO
    Aqua Gulf
    1301 West Newport Center Drive
    Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, USA
    (954) 360-6900Map
  •  Chicago

    LTL Receiving
    RIM Logistics / Now Express
    1750 Central Avenue
    Roselle, IL 60172, USA
    (904) 355-4289Map
  • Houston

    Aqua Gulf
    7419 Summer Trail Drive
    Sugar Land, TX 77479, USA
    (281) 343-1600Map
  • Jacksonville

    Truck/Rail/Warehouse/LTL Dry Receiving
    Aqua Gulf
    9400 Busch Drive North
    Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA
    (904) 355-4289Map
  • Jacksonville – Reefer

    Reefer Receiving
    Aqua Gulf Express
    1830 East 21st Street
    Jacksonville, FL 32206, USA
    (954) 360-6915Map
  • Miami

    LTL Receiving
    Aqua Gulf Xpress
    C/O Produce Paradise
    1717 NW 22nd Street
    Miami, FL 33142, USA
    (904) 359-0076Map
  • New Orleans

    Aqua Gulf
    1665 Old Mandeville Lane
    Mandeville, LA 70448, USA
    (504) 834-0988Map
  • Philadelphia

    Trucking / Warehousing / LTL Receiving
    Aqua Gulf
    1400 Sherman Avenue
    Pennsauken, NJ 08110, USA
    (856) 429-9911Map
  • Puerto Rico

    Aqua Gulf
    1258 Calle Aldea
    Suite 300
    San Juan, PR 00907, USA
    (787) 782-7800 Map
  • Puerto Rico – LTL

    LTL Sales/LTL Receiving
    Aqua Gulf
    Urb. Industrial La Ceramica, Lote 1-D
    Calle Rosarito, Esq. Lorencita
    Carolina, PR 00983, USA
    (787) 757-3193Map
  • Puerto Rico – Reefer

    Reefer Receiving
    Able Sales
    Road 869 BO Palmas
    Catano, PR 00962, USA
    (787) 782-7800Map
  • St. Louis

    Aqua Gulf
    540 Trevi Lane
    Ellisville, MO 63011, USA
    (636) 236-9503Map
  • Southern California

    LTL Receiving
    Dependable Global Express
    19201 S. Susana Road
    Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221, USA
    (904) 359-0076Map

Management Team

Robert J. Browne
CEO of Aqua Gulf Transport

Robert Browne founded Aqua Gulf in 1966.
The company originated as a New York-based transportation company with a single truck that Browne drove himself.
Throughout the following four decades, Browne proved to be an industry pioneer by creating the continued growth, innovation and expansion that Aqua Gulf and its customers enjoy today.

Robert M. Browne
President of Aqua Gulf XPress and Aqua Gulf Xpress LTL

Dr. Robert M. Browne, who’s father started Aqua Gulf in 1966, brings second generation experience with him to the company. Being with the company since Robert was a child, he has experienced growth in every area ranging from trucking and warehousing to international import/export and back office logistics. Browne attended St. John’s University in New York and continued his professional education by obtaining a Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1999 from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. Before returning to the family business, Dr. Browne maintained a private practice in Staten Island, New York. He was past President and is currently a member of Regent’s Council and Board of Directors of New York Chiropractic Council. Previously, Browne had served for years on the National Board of Directors of the American Parkinson Disease Association.

Sergio Sandrin
President of Aqua Gulf Transport

Sergio Sandrin, President of Aqua Gulf Transport, joined the company in 1999. Since that time, he has contributed greatly to Aqua Gulf’s innovation – including building Aqua Gulf’s industry-leading information technology platform and Customer Service Portal. Sandrin, whose family owned several transportation companies, grew up in the industry. He brings more than 20 years of experience in transportation and IT to his leadership role at Aqua Gulf. Sandrin studied at Northeastern University, graduating with a BS in Transportation and Logistics Management.

Mickey Kay
Vice President of Aqua Gulf Transport

Mickey Kay, Vice President, joined the Aqua Gulf team 20 years ago. For two decades he has been instrumental in driving the company’s sales and marketing efforts. Before joining Aqua Gulf, Kay held various sales management roles with ocean carriers focusing on the Caribbean, European and Mid-East transit lanes.  An industry veteran of 40 years, he brings a wealth of expertise to the Aqua Gulf team. Kay holds a BS in economics from West Virginia Wesleyan.

Joy Skilton
Vice President Sales

Joy Skilton, Vice President Sales, joined the Aqua Gulf team 17 years ago. Since then she has filled a fundamental role in building lasting relationships with many of our best customers. Over the years, Skilton has taken on increased responsibility and today provides leadership to Aqua Gulf’s Puerto Rican sales team and determines the pricing strategy for the company. Prior to Aqua Gulf, Skilton worked in both operations and services for several ocean carriers.

Scott W. Fernandez
Vice President Business Development

Scott Fernandez joined Aqua Gulf after 25 years on the Ocean Carrier side of the business. Scott was most recently Chief Commercial Officer at Trailer Bridge, and held various senior leadership positions in Sales, Process Improvement, and Coastwise Shipping with Horizon Lines. Scott began his career in 1982 sailing as a USCG Licensed Deck Officer with Sun Oil Company. He joined Sea-Land Service, Inc. in 1987 and advanced into several leadership positions in both Operations and Sales. Scott will focus on expanding the Aqua-Gulf business model into new markets and partnering with customers in support of their supply chains. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation from the State University of New York Maritime College at Fort Schuyler and a Master of Business Administration from Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University.

Mark Davey
Senior Sales Leader

Mark Davey, Senior Sales Leader, joined Aqua Gulf in 1993. He plays a critical role in developing key accounts and driving Aqua Gulf’s growing logistics business. Davey manages the Northeastern Sales team and is the leader for many of AquaGulf’s largest national accounts. Prior to AquaGulf, Davey worked for several differnent ocean carriers. He graduated from King’s College with degrees in Business Administration and Marketing.

Joseph Janer
Vice President of Customer Care

Joseph Janer, Vice President of Customer Care, has been with Aqua Gulf for 16 years. He joined the company with over 22 years experience in the industry, and has helped build Aqua Gulf’s presence in the Puerto Rican trade. Janer’s experience includes Sales Management roles at Navieras NPR, Inc and at AquaGulf. He has managed sales in both the United States and Puerto Rico. Janer studied Political Science and International Studies at Texas State University and remains based in Texas today.

Luis Velez
Vice President and General Manager for Puerto Rico

Luis Velez, Vice President and General Manager for Puerto Rico, has been with Aqua Gulf for 15 years. Velez started in the business when he was 22 years old, working for Sea Barge in the Port of Jacksonville. He became familiar, very quickly, with transportation and logistics since his father, who worked for Navieras for many years, is a veteran in the trade. Luis started in customer service for Aqua Gulf in Boca Raton, FL and has worked in several positions for the company, including Collections and Sales in Puerto Rico. Luis started up the Logistics branch for Aqua Gulf Xpress, which has been an invaluable addition to the company and a fantastic addition to the trade.


  • Aqua Gulf is founded by Bob Browne

    Aqua Gulf, a Staten Island-based trucking company, was founded by Bob Browne. Initially, Aqua Gulf only served the waterfront areas of the Northeastern United States with a single white cab-over tractor driven by Bob himself.

  • Aqua Gulf becomes the largest warehouse facility on the east coast & adds shipping

    Aqua Gulf became the largest bonded warehouse facility on the east coast. Also, through "Worldwide Transportation, Inc.", Aqua Gulf began shipping and consolidating LTLs internationally. Aqua Gulf also began working with food distribution for the Pueblo Foods grocery chain in New York City.

  • Aqua Gulf Key Cargo Marine is formed

    Key Cargo Marine was formed to structure and standardize warehousing operations in Newark, NJ, Elmira, NY, Pennsauken, NJ and Jacksonville, FL.

  • Headquarters move to Deerfield Beach, FL

    Aqua Gulf relocated its main headquarters to South FL, at which time facilities were improved in San Juan, Jacksonville, and NJ.

  • Aqua Gulf continues to innovate

    Aqua Gulf's innovations of guaranteed intermodal "flat rates" and computerized cargo reports are recognized by customers.

  • Aqua Gulf Xpress open new terminals

    Aqua Gulf opens new terminals in Newark, NJ and Cherry Hill, NJ to better serve our customers.

  • Aqua Gulf starts dedicated logistics service

    Aqua Gulf starts dedicated logistics service to help our customers smooth out the supply chain. From inbound raw materials to finished product to delivery to store shelves Aqua Gulf keeps it moving.

  • Aqua Gulf expands: Brooklyn, Bayonne and a new warehouse

    Aqua Gulf's trucking operation expands. New terminals were opened in Brooklyn, NY and Bayonne, NJ. Additionally, Aqua Gulf's first warehousing operation began out of Bayonne.

  • New terminals are added

    In 1987, the Elmira, New York terminal was created to service clients in Western NY and Northern PA. Also, a terminal was opened in Pennsauken, NJ in order to service MD, VA, Philadelphia, and Southern PA.

  • Aqua Gulf Xpress dramatically expands and innovates

    Aqua Gulf Xpress, the company's trucking operation, expanded its scopre of operations in FL and Southern NJ. Company wide safety programs, driver training, improved radio dispatch systems, and preventative maintenance led to various industry awards and customer recognition.

  • Services grow to include reefer full load & LTL, international & customs brokerage

    In-house service capabilities grew to include refrigerated cold storage in the Caribbean, air-freight services, international freight forwarding, and customs brokerage. Also, refrigerated service to LTLs and full loads were increased dramatically to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

  • Aqua Gulf Xpress relocates to a new Headquarters

    Aqua Gulf relocates to a new world-wide headquarters at 1301 West Newport Center Drive in Deerfield Beach, FL.

  • Aqua Gulf launches TOTaL.live

    Aqua Gulf launches TOTaL.live, built from the ground up to allow tracking and tracing of cargo, for our customers.

  • Aqua Gulf celebrates 50 years in business

    In 2016, Aqua Gulf celebrated 50 years in business.